Business Communication: The 5 Contexts Of Communication

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The 5 Contexts of Communication Victoria Martini Business Communications Communication is a very important skill we use in everyday life. We learn to communicate with others at a very young age first starting with our parents then our siblings,teachers,peers and so forth. When it comes to good communication skills in the workplace there seems to be a bit more pressure in mastering these skills in order to gain more success. It is important to know the 5 contexts of communication in order to only succeed in your career but also to improve your communication skills with others. The first one is Communication skills (verbal and written) When it comes to business employers are looking for employees who hold exceptional writing and communication…show more content…
What this means is you are able to communicate in a group with your colleagues constructively. An example when this would be used would be a group presentation with other employees. In order o successful present your findings as a group together successfully you must work together and talk to one another and share information. If this is not done it can lead to presentation problems and coworker tension in the workplace. The next and in my opinion,is one of the most important contexts in communication and that is Work Ethic. Work Ethic is your drive to work and by drive I do not mean physically getting into your car and going to work. I mean it is your motivation. This is your ability to perform tasks assigned to you in a timely fashion with little error. An example of this would be you are working late at the office instead of going home early like everyone else in order to get ahead on next weeks upcoming deadlines. A boss may notice this and tell you that you have good work…show more content…
In order to progress as a person and in your career you must take chances or in other take the initiative. We do not grow by standing still and things will not change without putting forth an effort. A good example of this would be talking to your boss about getting a raise. You will not simply get a raise without putting forth initiative and communicating with colleagues. You must communicate this want in a certain manner and with a certain amount of professionalism. Anything worth getting is worth the work. The fifth context is your analytical skills. What this is, is your ability to analyze situations and to be able to make up a plan and communicate it to others effectively. This can help increase your chance of promotion. A good example of this is lets say you were doing your companies checks and balances and you noticed that a devt had been accounted for twice. So you find a way to fix the error and show it to your boss. This is showing your boss your attention to detail or your 'analytical

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