Business Contingency Plans In Qnb

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Business contingency plans in QNB: Business continuance plan are the steps that a company puts into place to make sure it is capable of surviving a worst case scenario. If QNB rely heavily on computers they must have a continuance plan to make sure that the have a strategy if a catastrophic event happens which could either be an man made (such as break in, computers and other equipment could be taken) or could be a natural disaster such as a flood or an earthquake. The continuance plans are used in case of these events so employees will have a well-defined plan to follow A few examples of key successful business continuance plans are: ¥ Identifying potential risks. ¥ Full understanding of how the organization will be affected. Identifying…show more content…
The internet allows advertisers to reach to potential customers quickly and effectively. Through social networks such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, advertising could be in different form such as videos or texts. Providing the customer details about their product will enable them to get support and inquiries 24hours a day. It’s not only limited to just the costumers, QNB uses Internet and social media, to get news and updates about the current market. SMS: Text message in very common type of communication used for business and the public in general. QNB uses them for: - Special promotion codes to their customer - Reminding employees about a meetings - Informing customer about the deposits or withdrawal in their account. They are mainly used for informalities within the work environment since there are no restrictions regarding…show more content…
Computer enable employee to use emails, multimedia, websites and presentations. Computer has a really big impact to the society, since it’s where most people communicate or spend their time in. QNB can present their new product or offer promotion into their websites, this will target more customers, and they will be more aware about it. Of course, the drawbacks are, not all people have the expense to get a computer, so they won’t be updated about it. Touch screens: Touch screens are often used for information points, or to create intuitive interface for customers. Most ATM machine in QNB uses touch screen interface for an easier use for their customer. Touch screens are also used as an interactive white board (Smartboard) for meetings within the organizations. Communication skills required to communicate

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