Business Culture: Hofstede's Impact On Business

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In order to obtain an impression of how culture possibly affects the businesses, it is reasonable to have a closer look at the differences among cultures. The representation of business culture is not only, multidimensional but also a socially constructed theory. It reflects how the members of various organizations accomplish their goals and work with commitment for the organization. An analysis of business culture is essential as it defines the set of values, beliefs, assumptions of the employees belonging to diverse organizations. Our analysis of the cultural shaping of people from Germany and Russia reveals a large cultural distance between the two countries. There are a number of models, which facilitate the comparison of
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In other words, uncertainty avoidance indicates the preferred amount of structure in a society. It is a preference for strict laws and regulations rather than ambiguity and risk. A country with strong uncertainty avoidance has more rigid rules of behavior. Corresponding laws are stricter and penalties are heavier. On the contrary, countries with weak uncertainty avoidance tend to be uncomfortable with unstructured situations. In such countries, organizations are more flexible and people are more creative. People have more relaxed expectations and never anxious of uncertain…show more content…
femininity represents social implications from a gender perspective. A masculine society is dominated by tough values, such as money, success, assertiveness and competition. Men and women often have significantly different roles. Countries with a masculine culture often prefer recognition, earnings, challenge and advancement. On the other hand, a feminine culture emphasizes on tender values, such as relationships, care for others, quality of life and service. The roles of men and women are less distinct and often equal. Countries with a feminine culture often prefer cooperation, a friendly environment, security of employment and group decision

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