Business Editing Skills Case Study

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2. What are the two main outcomes of this class? In other words, what can you expect to learn from this class?
One is that students will use correct punctuation, capitalization, spelling, grammar, formatting, and word usage when editing, transcribing, or writing business documents. The other is that students will think critically to produce mailable documents. I would like to learn about how to do all of them throughout the class.

3. Summarize the course content for this class.
Business Editing Skills is a class designed to develop the necessary skills for editing, transcribing, writing memos, writing letters, writing emails. The emphasis is on punctuation, capitalization spelling grammar. Word usage, proofreading. I will be using MyWritingLab.
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How is this course arranged?
This course is arranged chronologically.

5. About how many hours will you need to spend on this course each week?
I will need to spend about 10 hours per week.

6. When are assignments and assessments due each week?
All assignments and assessments are due by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday of the following week.

7. What do I mean by academic integrity?
This class requires that students don’t discuss or have not discussed or shared the tests, quizzes, or other graded assignments for this course with anyone else. The students will complete all tests on time without assistance and within the allotted time. The students will get 0 point for missing the submission date and time.

8. Is late work accepted in this class?
Late work will not be accepted.


9. What is the name of your textbook?
My textbook is English for Careers: Business, Professional, and Technical with MyWritingLab; 11th edition.

10. List the items under the heading Self-Study and Practice Tutorials located at the end of each chapter.
The items under the heading Self-Study and Practice Tutorials are WordPOWER and Supplementary Practice
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From the Course Home Page, what link would you use to find when assignments are due?
The due dates are in the Calendar link on the Navigation Bar.

15. On the Course Home Page, what links are listed under Quick Links?
Academic Integrity, Course Overview, OS220 Syllabus, Calendar, MyWritingLab are listed under the Quick access.

16. On the Course Home Page, what help is available if you do not know how to use the D2L email?
I can review Introduction to Online Learning in Content in the Navigation Bar.

17. In the Course Information module, click the Course Overview link, and then scroll down to Navigating this Course.
• What are the weekly instruction web pages?
The weekly instruction web pages are my weekly instructions and guide me through the assigned work.

• What does the schedule of work tell you?
I have to read each chapter, take a pretest, do Worksheet exercise, and take a posttest. I don’t need to submit the Worksheets and the posttest. If I need, I can refer to the Self-Study and Practice tutorials. Also, I have to do MyWritingLab assignments. Some weeks I will have the chapter’s Proofreading Practice assignment that I should submit. Then, I have to complete the chapter

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