Business Ethics And Environmental Values

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Ethics in philosophy is the study and evaluation of human conduct in the light of moral principles or it is the inner-guiding moral principles, values, and beliefs that people use to analyze or interpret a situation and then decide what is the “right” or appropriate way to behave.
Environmental values brings together contribution from philosophy, economics, sociology, anthropology, geography, ecology, and other discipline which relates to the present and future environment of human beings and other species.
For example, a person living in poverty in an undeveloped country may find it morally acceptable to cut down the forest to use it as a land where he can grow crops and earn income for his family.
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Since business ethics considers the relationship between business and consumers, between the businesses and their employees. It considers the impact of globalization on environmental and society at large. Business ethics considers that the businesses have moral responsibility to their stake holder including employees, consumers, local community and even society as a whole. All who forms part of environment, each of them having their own values, ethics and moral and hence there exist environmental values in a business environment towards which business has certain responsibility.
Environmental responsibilities is a vital component of an organization as it not only helps the environment, but it wins the trust of communities and gains the respect of the government of the countries in which the business operates. All business activities has impact on the environment directly or indirectly; they emit pollution; they produce waste and use resources. Business however it is continually being encouraged to improve their approach to environmental issues and hence it is necessary to have environmental values to guide the business of firm take the social
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Ethical and environmental values are fully integrated in a business environment. Treating colleagues and clients as well as societies and environment in which we work with respect to long term perspective is necessary to the success and goodwill of some company. Their corporate value forms the foundation of their business.
Ethical values are followed in providing transparent information to their customer and the general public and to their employees.
In case of customers, they ensure that customers fully understand the terms of the contracts and engage in financial education in order to raise public awareness of the dangers of in transparent financial offers. They are committed to treat all customers and employees with fairness and respect, regardless of their origin, color, language, gender or religious beliefs.
And also consumers a tend to buy from a good company which gives importance to environmental values and follows business ethics and most of the consumers would not like to do business with the firm that is not socially
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