Business Ethics: Approachs To Making Ethical Behavior

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Kinicki (2017, p.106), outlines that “ethics are the standards of right and wrong that influence behaviour while ethical behaviour is the behaviour accepted as “right” as opposed to “wrong” according to those standards”. In any organisation, it is important that the stakeholders and management focus on the ethics of the business while trying to make profits and becoming productive as this can tarnish the business reputation and performance.When uethical behaviours are ignored they can create serious problems. Managers therefore need to behave ethically as this has a great impact on the business's efficiency and effectiveness. Managers need to realize that they are seen as the role models for their company. Their behaviour will…show more content…
Ethical dilemma as outlined by Kinicki (2017, p.106), “is a situation in which you have to decide whether to pursue a course of action that may benefit you or your organization but that is unethical or even illegal”. However, there are various ethical approaches that can be used when making ethical decisions. The Utilitarian approach as outlined by Kinicki (2017, p.107), “helps managers to consider the effects of making decisions by deciding how their action would affect others”. For example: in the military the leaders of the reserve often meets with the boss and make decisions based on certain things they would like the reserve to do or hope to achieve but there is never a time where they would meet with the soldiers when making these decisions so that we can have any input. This shows that the boss and his immediate leaders /supervisors are unethical. On the other hand, at the school where I am teaching the boss handles decisions ethically as he always ensure that whenever a decision is being made he solicits ideas from us where we would weigh out the pros and cons of such decisions before making the final decisions so that the decisions can benefit their employees and the society on a whole. He always ensures that all staff member get equal opportunities and never show any type of favouritism. When compare the military to the school where I presently teach, I have concluded that the boss at my school uses the Utilitarian approach when making his decisions. As a result this helps to eliminate ethical
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