Business Ethics Case Study: Target's Security Breach

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Target Before the big security breach, Target knew about two months before the big black Friday sales event that customer person information was always stealing before the black Friday. Last year, Target had a security breach and so many millions people debit and credit card information was hack from Target. Target didn’t know how these people information got hack and do know why. Once target realize that they there security was breach, they send out letters to everyone customers letting them know that it was a security breach and your debit and credit information was hack so you need to call your local bank and credit card companying letting them know that target security was breach. Some customer didn’t know that their account was hack until…show more content…
Also, it is important to note that the definition of law contains terms such as consistent, universal, published, accepted and enforced. A law has to be consistent because there cannot be two contradicting requirements in law since people cannot obey both. It has to be universal because the requirements must be applicable to everyone, not to just one group of people. The different between ethics is that ethics is a collection of social guidelines that are based on moral principles and values. You can see, ethics only show what should be done. Therefore, unlike law, ethics cannot be compelled and hence they cannot be enforced. They need not be universal too. This is mainly because ethics are created by a society. What is accepted in one society as good behavior may not be considered with such value in another. That does not mean they consider it wrong. No, I didn 't assumptions change based on what I found through research because the two are little different from each other. Law is that you are going to follow the rules when it come to the law and you is going to follow the law. Ethics is more moral principles value. You might look at ethics little different than you will look at the
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