Business Ethics Case Study: The Chick-Fil Company

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1.) Why did you choose this particular profession, career, company, etc.? I chose Chick fil a for the Code of ethics because chick fil a is a popular fast food restaurant that serves the best quality, and customer service against the big top competitors that have been in the industry for a longer period of time. I do not work for Chick fil a so I thought it would be interesting to learn more about the company since i frequently dine there. 2.) Where did you find the code? Was it difficult to find? What does where and how you found the code tell you about the business and/or profession? The Chick-fil-A Corporate Purpose is: “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us and to have a positive influence on all…show more content…
As coming from a religious background this is a good influence to give off to employees, but it does not serve for everyone. Being that this company bases their influences on a Christian background, it can interfere for those who do not follow the same religious background. I don't think it is the best idea to mix in their religion with the company because it gives off the impression that you must follow the Christian principles in order to work for the company. Although I do not think it is the all that great to combine religion with work, the company has been extremely successful basing their work on biblical principles. The code has shown positive effects and has given positive influences on their company for their company is a well-respected brand. Having each employee give a positive influence on everyone they come in contact with is beneficial to have for a company. Giving off a positive influence show that it does not have to be specifically in a religious manner, but in a way to leave a customer…show more content…
Understanding that their values are based on biblical references, this is difficult for many people who do not apply to the same religion. Taking out religion from their code would encourage more people to feel more welcomed to be a part of the company or attend their establishment as a customer. Religion can be a touchy, topic of discussion for many people. Also, based on the bill of rights allowing everyone with the freedom of religion does not seem to allow everyone who would apply to the establishment that they can follow their own religion. The reason for this is they are constantly influenced by the Christian teachings with their performance of work. If religion was taken out then people would not feel wrong for not following the Christian religion or one at all. Also, when it comes to religion, there is always a pressured feeling taken place when influencing someone to convert to a religion which can also interfere with the
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