Business Ethics: Ethics And Ethics In The Relationship

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1Introduction Ethics is the standards of how to deal with the relationship with each others. And the companies need business ethics to govern relationships with all aspects of stakeholders. The need for a company’s business activities followed the business ethics has positive impact to its stakeholders. 2What is ethics? The word “Ethics” originates from Greek terms “Ethos” and “Ethikos”. “Ethos” stands for characters or character traits, while "Ethikos” stands for habits and cutoms. Ethics is a set of basic principles and rules that conduct right and wrong, define good and bad. It is concerned about responsibility, social justice and moral obligation. (Wiley, 1995) Ethics is a social science which focuses on morality and the study of moral…show more content…
Without ethics, we would not be able to choose the most appropriate one from a large number of goals. Ethics answers the question “ how should I live?” What is business ethics? Business Ethics is concerned about morality in the business process. In the business activities, business ethics is a set of moral principles and standards which conduct the business activities. Business ethics is a system of codes of principles and rules that govern decisions and actions in a company or workplaces. It is the values and standards to conduct the distinguish between moral and immoral business activities, or determine acceptable conduct in business. Salbu (2001) mentioned that Business ethics is central to our endeavor whether we acknowledge it or not, because we all deal with it. And the ethics could also be used to evaluate laws. The general business ethics including ethics of human resource management, ethics of sales and marketing, ethics of production, and ethics of intellectual property, knowledge and…show more content…
Business ethics contributes to more benefits. Business ethics could become a standard to achieve advantages, cultivate team work of employee, productivity, moral and development, establish values for quality management, strategic planning and diversity management. Business ethics help the company to be survival of fierce competition. Business ethics have competitive advantages which involves effective building of relationships with the company’s stakeholders, which based on its integrity. Business ethics promote ethical behavior to protect business from abuse by unethical competitors. Business ethics also conduct customers to be shown the positively performance of the company, attract customers to the company’s products, which have advantages for sales and profits. Business ethics contribute to the company safety from legal perspectives. It is act as an insurance policy, the high ethical performance also protect the individuals who work in the business, make employees want to work in the business, increase productivity and reduce labor
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