Ethical Issues In My Sister's Keeper

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There are 3 issues about business ethics in the movie. Firstly, business ethics issues that were portrayed as the main concern are medical ethics. Medical ethics that are going to be discussed are about the genetic engineering. It is a tools and techniques from biotechnology to modify an organism’s makeup. This situation occurs to produce new types of organisms, usually by inserting or deleting genes. Genetic engineering mostly use for purpose of research for manufacturing animals products, correcting genes defects and make improvements to plants and animals that bred by man. As far as it goes, they are still debate this issue whether this action is ethical or unethical.
In My Sister’s Keeper movie, Kate Fitzgerald who is a daughter of Sara Fitzgerald and Brian Fitzgerald had been diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukemia, which is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow when she is two years old. Her brother, Jess Fitzgerald is not a
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Based on my opinion, this issue would have been resolved if the Fitzgerald (Sara and Brian) did not choose to have a savior child from the beginning. It is unethically unacceptable to design a baby and their actions can be related to Kant’s ethics in deontological frameworks. It talks about individual will and the actions that individual does despite the consequences, either good or bad, that might come out of them. This shows how unfair it is to create a new child to act as a donor for an existing sick child. It leads to them being used. Anna in the film screams at her mum, “I’m important too, mum”. Even if Anna did help saves Kate life but at some point Kate herself does not want to continue with medical procedures and wants to die. Besides, death if permanent and people will have to face it no matter in some point of one’s life. Death is present from the beginning of the movie, but the Fitgerald (Sara and Brian) fights against it. They fights against nature and does not accept the
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