Business Ethics: The Study Of Ethics And Ethics In Business

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Ethics is the study of right and wrong, duty and obligation, moral norms, individual character and responsibility. Ethic is also called as a system of moral principles. Ethics is derived from the Greece word called “ethos”. The meaning is character and manners. In other words, Ethics are more moral guideline which governs good behavior. Ethics is the means the branch of philosophy that focus on morality and the way in which moral principles are applied in everyday life. It involves an active process of applying values, which may range from religious principles to customs and traditions. In the ethics part, it has some basic questions such as what is fair, what is the right things need to do in the situation? Business ethics is the study and examination of moral and social responsibility in relation to business practices and decision- making in the business. Business ethics have developed into standard of moral and ethical responsibility around the world. The demand for moral and ethical behavior in all aspects of domestics and partnerships has encourages and the development and evolution of business ethics. Business ethics are moral principles that guide way a business behaves. The same of principles that determine an individual action also apply to business. The principals and standards that determine acceptable conduct in the business organization. It is a form of professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or

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