Business Ethics: Unethical Decision At Chipotle

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Abstract Society rules people and businesses by establishing regulations. Following and breaking the regulations sometimes is possible. Being unethical is also not the same as following the law. Ethics is defined for some people at what is right or wrong depending on people’s beliefs or pursue. Also, it refers to social laws and social norms imposed by society. Unethical is an action that violates the standard rules. Feeling the pressure to take a decision whether it is ethical or unethical may be frustrating to anyone. Unethical decision at Chipotle Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant with many locations around the country. Alex Simon worked for Chipotle for 6 years. He started when he was a student at the age of 17 years old. He was ecstatic…show more content…
In Carroll’s survey, 64% of the managers surveyed agreed that “manager today feel under pressure to compromise personal standards to achieve company goals” but those agreeing 50% of top managers, 65%of middle manager, and 84% of lower manager agreed with the statement.] (Snoeveenbos, Almeder, and Huembes 2001 p.136) In the United States and around the world, state and governments create rules on how a business should be run. Lack of ethic make some people to break the rules in order to appear very competitive to increase its profit. Lack of ethic can conduct employees to perform poorly on their task. When this lack became public, it will lead the company to lose credibility. It also can be very detrimental to a business. Ethic and unethical decision-making can impact a business in more negative ways than positive.” Fundamental ethical issues include concepts such and integrity and trust, but more complex issue include accommodating diversity, decision-making compliance.” Retrieved from Business should integrated those concepts to avoid legal problem and do not damage the…show more content…
When a company behaves ethically with employees it has more advantages in the market. Likewise employees want to stay working in a business, attract more people wanting to work, increase productivity, attract investor, and reduce recruitment cost. The act in ethical manner is something that is decided for managers who want to lead it to the best of the top and grow maintaining the prestige. “The leader or manager of an organization is the one who is responsible to create an ethical culture in the environment. The values that applied into it will encourage a worker to behave in the same exactly way.”(Snoeyenbos, Almeder, &Humber 2001 p146) First, set a good example. As a manager you are a role model for better or worse. Ethics are the most important and vulnerable set of principles that are valuable to companies, workers, and people. These sets can be applied or not depending on what people choose to do. The ethics teach people are to conduct lives or businesses and how to view or known it is a personal decision. Every leader in a company has a different prospect to establish

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