Business Law Case Study

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1. Jasmine agrees to purchase 1500 tons of recycled glass from Louie, the price to be determined at the time of delivery. Is such an agreement enforceable? Compare the common law with Article 2 of the UCC. Yes, I agrees with the purchase of the enforceable glass, due to the fact that the glass is a very good product. The recycled glass is referred to as Article 2, Section 2-305, of the UCC which, provides that parties may conclude a contract even though they have not settled the price. This not only will be a major change for our county, but I feel it will be a good change. 2. Oxtren, Inc. is a tools wholesaler. Oxtren sent M&E Tools a purchase order offering to buy 200 Model 308 milling & drilling machines with R-8 spindles. The purchase…show more content…
The Legal meaning for payment term in the acceptance is a different term. In the majority of states, different terms cancel each other out. In deciding the payment term, the court will look to enforce an oral agree-ment if one exists. Otherwise, the court looks to the gap-filler provision concerning payment. (C) Is the arbitration clause part of the agreement? The arbitration clause is part of the agreement an additional term. Under the UCC, since the parties are merchants, the arbitration clause will be part of the contract unless, the offer insisted on its own terms, and the additional terms materially alter the terms of the offer; or the offeror promptly rejects the additional terms. 3. Inez contracted with Filippo Furnaces Co. for the installation for a new furnaces’, Inez selected the furnace she wanted, accepting no suggestions from Filippo Furnaces’’ heating engineer. The furnace operated fine, but it did not heat the entire house. The size of the blower on the furnace was too small to accommodate the third floor of the house. Inez sued Filippo Furnaces Co. for the breach of the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness. What result? Under the UCC, the parties will have an agreement since they intended to create a
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