Business Law Case Study Thomas Hardman

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Introduction - Scenario
Thomas, an underappreciated lawyer at Pearson Hardman law firm sits down at a bar on a Friday night with his friends and thinks to himself... He does so much work and he gets no recognition for it. His father is a very hardworking man and all he wanted to do was to make his father proud. All of his banker friends are making millions and getting bonuses, while he busts his tail every day and gets nothing in return. Jerry, one of the bankers says to Thomas, “Gheez, rough night? Can’t relate!” Thomas has had enough, one day he decides to rob the bank across the street to show it to the bankers. The next day he walks into the bank and holds a gun to the teller 's head and requests $10 000 000 immediately. The teller says, “right away!” while simultaneously pressing the button under her desk to notify the police. She walks over to the vault slowly trying to waste as much time as possible. She comes back with the money and the police arrive just in time to arrest him. He gets sentenced to lifetime imprisonment and immediately shows signs of regret.
Viewpoint 1: Nature
Thomas works very hard. As it says in the text, “He does so much work and gets no recognition for it.” Thomas’s has obviously inherited these hardworking genes from
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Behaviourism, mentioned in our notes as, “A theory that believes all behavior is a product of our conditioning.” One of the most famous behaviorists, B.F. Skinner created the reward vs punishment method. In this scenario, Thomas’s punishment was higher than his reward. The reward for this scenario would be to make some money, show it off, and be able to quit his lousy job that he hates so much. Nevertheless the punishment for this scenario was that he went to jail, he obviously got fired, he lost his friends, he failed to make his father proud, and he will never be able to practice law again. Therefore the punishment for this scenario was greater than the
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