Business Level 3 Unit 1 P1

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In this assignment I am going to discuss the stakeholders of two contrasting businesses. Stakeholders of Cancer Research- Owners- For a charity the owners of the business will eventually want the firm to expand and grow over a certain amount of years, this will lead to the firm becoming more recognised and they can offer their service not just nationally but internationally. Cancer Research operates on a national scale, which means they offer their service to people in the United Kingdom. The owner of the charity Cancer Research won’t want to be making profits, they will be focusing on offering the best service possible to his customers. The money cancer research does receive from donations they will spend on research and treatments for…show more content…
The customers of cancer research will be the people who have cancer and who are receiving the treatment. As a customer they will want the researchers to be finding the best research possible to help them find a cure as quickly as possible. If the customers feel as if they aren’t being treated in the right way then they may decide to find another charity which can help them also. If customers do decide to leave then other new customers won’t be interested in Cancer research because they will feel as if they won’t get the right help they need. This may lead to cancer research getting a bad reputation. Suppliers- Suppliers for a charity such as cancer research are really important because it shows that the general public still have an interest in helping save other people’s lives. This shows that cancer research is doing the right things because people are going out their way to help people with illnesses. If the business starts to become unethical then suppliers are going to stop donating their unwanted goods to the charity. This can then lead to less donations and then cancer research struggling to find money to put back into the business for research and cures for the

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