Business Level 3 Unit 13 P1

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As the five previous ideas in P1.1 have now been considered, the next step is to consider a number of other factors when trying to determine my final selection for the project. The first factor to be considered is the costing of the whole project, as the college will be providing the funding, the costs of the materials and components should not exceed the maximum amount of available funds. During the research phase of the project it will have to be investigated how much the cost will be for all materials needed to build the prototype. Of course if any of the selected five ideas exceed the budget they will have to be eliminated from the selection. Whilst considering cost, it would also be beneficial if the cost is low, as if the design ever…show more content…
It would be catastrophic if initially choosing an idea only to find out in a couple of months it was unachievable and have to restart all over again leaving me majorly behind any timescales. The project would end up rushed, mistakes would be made and ultimately it would end with a poor quality product. The Clap Switch idea was chosen for the project for numerous reasons, the main reason being to help children prone to waking during the night. Sometimes, as we know, children can feel anxious in the dark, so instead of them struggling to locate the light switch whilst their eyes adjust, the clap switch would be an ideal solution to the problem. Just a simple clap could operate the light preventing any anxiousness or potential injury as they stumble around searching. A second reason the Clap Switch was chosen is due to the ease of location of possible components needed. During the research phase, an internet search was conducted to try and find some of the possible components that may be required to build the project compared to the other 4 ideas. Upon locating these certain components it also enabled to gage a price for all the hardware for the project and the Clap Switch showed to be within the maximum spend

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