Business Level 3 Unit 3 D1

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The three usability specifications that I will propose as being appropriate to assess the usability of my proposed are the time to locate a club, number of times the back button is used, meaning that they cannot find the information and appearance. First the time to locate a club on the website and the number of times the back button is used is important. The current website is not satisfying students because the website has too many links that take you to a different part on the website. In programming, they have many links to prevent too much information being stored on one section of the website to make it run faster. But the problem is people do not want to have to go fishing through links to find something that should take 10 or 15 seconds.…show more content…
First impression to your users is strong and memorable whether it is good or not. Unattractive websites can be a turn off. Our current website appearance is good. It shows that someone had put the time and effort into it, even though the clubs and organization information is not updated. My proposed system for Westminster’s Student clubs and organizations will make it easier to remember the process to get to it, will save time, effective and satisfactory. I used my results from my research to help me determine the usability specifications and how I should design my system. The process for finding Westminster’s student clubs and organization will be easier for use for a variety of reasons. The current website is connected to so many other webpages that some students get confused. It is also not organized and outdated. With my new proposed website, you will not have to click on so many hyperlinks to find a specific club or organization. You will now have the ability to search for a specific club or organization by entering the organization name or click on the hyperlink where your club will be under. I can test the ease of remembering by asking users whether they find the system easy to learn, efficient for their daily tasks,
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