Business Level 3 Unit 9 P4

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Unauthorised access is when a person is able to access the website or program, service, server or can access with other system. For example, if a person is trying to access an email which requires a password and has tried many attends on guessing the person or the username for this account that is not their account but then gain access to this account, this is therefore considered as unauthorised access as this is not their email they are accessing into but someone else’s which is then considered as hacking. Unauthorised access can also be when a person is trying to access a website in which they are not allowed of access to. For example, if a person is trying to access a website to watch films which does not allow access to but the person attempts to access that area, this would then would lead to being unauthorised as a message will appear on top of the screen which will not allow them access to he website. This can be another form of hacking.
In addition, the Computer Misuse Act 1990 recognises following offences, which leads to new offences of unauthorized access with the intention of committing a crime. This can lead to a person being guilty of causing a computer to perform any intent of having the secure access of any program/data held in the computer they are accessing.
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When accessing this information, the black hat hackers also sell this information to other hackers/ criminals, which are then used on blackmailing the organisation for money. Black hat hackers can also include planting a keystroke of monitoring the programme of being able to steal data from the organisation or launching attacks to disable access to
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