Indian Dairy Industry Essay

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Chapter 1

INTRODUCTION TO INDUSTRY The project is being done in the industry named as Indian Dairy Machinery Company (IDMC) Limited. This industry was established in 1978 in GIDC near Anand. This industry manufactures equipments related to dairy, food processing, beverages, health care, pharmaceuticals and refrigeration unit. It is also active in project engineering and line packaging plant for products like sanitary napkins, milk, tea and vegetable oil.

It is one of the largest packaging industries in India. The products that are being packaged by IDMC include cosmetics, dairy products, edible oils, pharmaceuticals, beverages and personal care products. It has well equipped machines for packaging
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This all points can be understood by the drawing sheet.

2. Metallurgical failure.
In the material composition of connecting rod of a homogenizer, we are having several materials in different percentages. If the material which is being selected for the given application is not under the given norms, then it can have the metallurgical failure. It is mainly depending upon the parameters like Hardness, toughness and the ability of stress distribution.
3. Manufacturing failure.
As we know that the connecting rod can be made by casting s well as forging process. So we are dealing with the failure mode of both the manufacturing processes. And we are having some reasons through which a rod can have manufacturing defects.

*Blow holes=smooth cavities or voids on the surface of casting
*Pin hole porosity=porosity due to the absorbed gases by molten metal
*Cracked casting=cracks
*Shrinkage faults=Improper direction of solidification
*Metal penetration=improper way
*Internal or External cracks

*Cold shuts=Due to the defective forging

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