Business Management: Internal Environment In Marketing Management

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2.1.1 MarketingThere are three (3) internal environmental in marketing assessment that have the same mean of 4.27, standard deviation of homogeneous results and agreed as verbal interpretations. These are in rows number 1, 3, and 7.
In the table, row number 1, “the company have product leadership which focus on quality of product and services”. It is related in row number 3 in which if the hotel has product leadership, they can focus on the customer and able to be flexible in any request to avoid unnecessary problems. In relation to this, the directors and the managers’ choice of strategy are based on the company goals, organizational strengths, potentials and limitations that can be seen in row number 7.
The lowest mean of 4.0, standard deviation
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Finance helps businesses to achieve their goals by providing the findings they needed to achieve them. Without funding, businesses cannot be successful. It is important that leadership within an organization has a good understanding of finance. This will ensure that the business can effectively manage the money that they have to ensure to hit the budgetary targets and goals. In that doing so, they have a better chance of succeeding at their mission and goals as an organization (IAC Publishing 2017).
Moreover, finance creating, moving, and using money enabling the flow of money through a company in much the way it facilitates global money flow. Money is created by the sales force when they sell goods or services the company produces; it then flows into production where it is spent to manufacture more products to sell, and the remaining will be use to pay salaries and fund the administrative expenses of the company (V. Duff,
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Financial management is at the core of any successful business. Having a product or service in high demand, priced attractively for the target market, and delivered in an efficient, customer centric manner doesn't hurt either, but even with all of the right market demographics, there is no guarantee of success. Rather, the most successful hotels, like any other business, rely on fundamental financial management principles to enable them to manage their property profitably according to Jed Heller which provides management services to hotels and

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