Business Management: The Obsession Of Leadership

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- We can see that most of the People that are making the decisions and earning all the money got it all through their leadership. Leadership inspire followers to do their best, in order to achieve a certain goal. Therefore leadership is different from supervision and managing, as these two deal with the day-to-day operations and with more tactical work, whereas leadership is focused on the long-term, strategic outlook. The Obsession of leadership is a strong idea, and one of the main issues with business is control. Control of people, control of supplies, control of processes, product or service, costs, overtime, taxes, regulations, is principal to success in order to stay in business, for anyone in leadership. Most of the Business leaders…show more content…
Many people believe and think that business is trying to control individuals, this is not true. Marketing and advertising try to influence people to purchase their products, but controlling individuals is something else. Leaders shape the way people think and behave, leaders are viewed by others as role models, and employees look around to see if their behavior is consistent with the organization promotion, values and philosophy. Leaders are the one who set the agenda, Leaders influence the organization culture and in turn the long-term success of the organization. Leaders and managers set the context, and the organizational members strive for excellence and work together to achieve organizational goals. Leadership helps shape the culture of the organization and in return culture shape leadership, and both of them shape and drive performance 2- Since we cannot be an expert in everything, we should play to your strengths. Our strengths is the talents and skills that got us hired into this role and made us successful in our…show more content…
Anything can be a difference, but it is important to communicate it. Most people, however, are shy to communicate what’s unique about them, and it can take years for them to be fully aware of what sets them apart. This is a serious disadvantage in a world where networking is so critical and teams need to be formed overnight. Some leaders know exactly how to talk advantage of their differences. There are other people who aren’t as aware of their difference but still use them to great effect. It also emerge in an interview that most leaders start off not knowing what their difference are but eventually come to know and use them more effectively over time. Inspirational leaders use separateness to motivate others to perform better. They recognize the fact that followers will push themselves if their leader just a little unfriendly. Leadership after all is not a popularity contest. One danger, of course, is that executives can over differentiate themselves in their determination to express their separateness. Indeed some leader’s loose contact with their followers and doing so is fatal. Once they create too much distance, they stop being good sensors and they lose the ability to identify and
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