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Is A Business Mentor Necessary? As human beings, mistakes are inevitable. There is a 100% chance that one will make more than a hand full of mistakes in a lifetime. Because of this unfortunate fact, you, as an ambitious business man, I presume, cannot afford to make avoidable mistakes. One avoidable mistake you can make is to get into any kind business without a business mentor. The following are 3 Top reasons why a business mentor is necessary. 1. Business Opinion Overflow The internet cannot be your business mentor. Making it a business mentor has put lots of people in a deeper hole than they thought they were before they attempted business. There are so much information thrown at you by the internet that it definitely gets confusing. Really, that blame does not belong to the internet. Just imagine how much opinions are out there about franchises when…show more content…
Many will mentor you as a form of giving back. It is naturally in the sprit of successful people to give back. You will become some ones business mentor one day and realize how good it feels to pull someone up. Hint: Many more will love to be your business mentor if they see you as potential lead generator. 3. Business Mentor Relationship Has No Trust Issue In conclusion, a business mentor is not trying to sell a product or service to you. You most likely do not have anything they want; material or money. You pose no threat to them as a competition in their business. They are already dimmed a successful business man. Even if you generate lead for him/her, all they are going to teach you is how to generate more leads. Because of these reasons, there are almost no chances of trust issues. Having a business mentor is a form of leverage. One of the most important concepts you will always need as a business man is leveraging in every aspect of life. You are mortal human and you cannot do multiple things at a time efficiently except by

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