Business Planning Activities Case Study

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Business Planning Activity – Notes Only Document (Please answer each question thoroughly and retain a copy of this information for your records) 1. Describe your vision for building your practice at Edward Jones. How do you plan to add value to the clients and communities you will serve? My vision for building my practice at Edward Jones is to provide the best financial service and knowledge to those in my community. I hope to help both individuals and small businesses in my community grow and be financially successful. I plan to add Value to the clients and communities by tailoring each individual portfolio to match the industries of interest of the client, and try to support local businesses through development opportunities and using my network to give access to essential business connections and services. 2. Please detail the types of prospective clients you believe will allow you to build your business to fulfill your vision. I plan on reaching out to young working professionals who have recently entered the workforce, using my network connections within the hospitality industry to find those who need financial guidance. I also plan to reach out to the rural communities, such as farmers and small businesses, to give opportunities for investment and growth. 3. Why do you think these types of…show more content…
Once I receive the contact information, I will go personally reach out to those individuals, to set up a meeting to discuss their financial plans and goals. Approaching my network connections would be much easier, as I could mention in a friendly conversation how I can help create a portfolio that fits the needs of owners within the industry. Reaching out to the rural communities would be done simply by door knocking and starting a friendly conversation with

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