Business Studies Role Play Analysis

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Business Studies Role Play
Grade 12
Moipone Kale & Karla Schulz
1. Karla: Good morning and welcome to “How red is your red cap”. I am Karla Schulz and I am joined by my co-host Moipone Kale.
2. Moipone: Due to the increase in Social Medias control over the public image of a business, it has become vital to maintain a favourable image in order to ensure success.
3. Karla: If by some remote chance we have viewers who are not familiar with the Mr Price Group, fear not as we know the ins and outs of the Mr Price Group, or if you are looking for first-hand experience just head down to your nearest shopping centre where you are bound to find one of the Mr Price Groups 1150 stores nationwide either Mrp sport, Mrp, Mrp home, Miladys and Sheet street
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Moipone: The Mr Price Group has grown in leaps and bounds since 1987 and maintained a favourable image by positively impacting on the lives of nearly 18 000 associates, their extended families and their communities through corporate responsibility programs which fall under the red cap foundation and by complying to the 3 king codes which form part of good corporate governance a positive image has been maintained
5. Karla: Mr Price strongly believes in giving back and helping out especially amongst the youth of today. This has led to the birth of the Jumpstart Retail Program, which assisted 1135 previously unemployed youth to find jobs within the Mr Price Group and other independent business partners. As a result the Mr Price Group was able to form a workforce and employ 16635 workers. The Jumpstart manufacturing program was also born and focuses on strengthening the local manufacturing component within the Mr Price Group.
6. Moipone: As the health of the youth in South Africa is currently challenged how has the Mr Price Group aimed at improving the health of the youth as they pride themselves in aligning there initiatives with the needs of South
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This means that this physical education and sport programme is implemented independent of the Foundation’s resources and is becoming truly self-sustaining.
8. Moipone: Another program that aimed at helping the youth is the Mr Price Foundation Schools which aims at creating sustained improvement in the overall performance of learners at selected primary schools, instead of focusing on particular subjects. Hand in hand with the aim of this foundation, The Redcap Schools initiative further improved academic results by introducing technology as a tool to support the education system. All these initiatives where launched by the Redcap Foundation which is a non-profit organisation by the Mr Price Group to benefit young people from low-income communities in South Africa.
9. Karla: The Mr Price Group has certainly made a huge difference in many lives through their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Along with these initiatives and the good corporate governance they maintain they are able to keep up a favourable public
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