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Buster the dog was an Assassin dog with a criminal record worse than Osama bin laden. Buster was going with his owner to the White House for a mission when the M16 and CIA found out that he was going to try to kill the president and sent heavy security over to the White House. When Buster heard that he immediately targeted Kim Jong-Il Because Kim Jong-IL had killed his father, and has targeted him. Buster had himself flown to North Korea by his trusted assistant, Gruff who is also a dog. The helicopter stopped 1 mile from his palace, Buster had to run all the way to the palace, and jump the fence when he saw Kim Jong-Il resting in his Bedroom. He decided to silently attack the front guard when… Kim Jong-Il was having…show more content…
Buster had planned his next murder, which was to be Vladimir Putin. Buster was standing just outside the palace, but no one knew that he was here except his owner who was a professional criminal. Buster was dressed as Vladimir Putin's dog, and went into the compound. Buster was in the palace, and needed to find out where Vladimir Putin was, needed to know when to kill him, and where? That's when Buster saw Vladimir Putin and checked If there was anyone was around putin, and went next to him while Putin patted him. Putin led him in and sat down. And that's when Buster shot him with a fully silenced gun. TO BE CONTINUED... Busters next obstacle was hiding Putin, and getting out of the Palace. Buster put on protective gloves, and hid Putin in a closet. There were on ly two obstacles left, first he disabled all the video cameras, and got past the front guards, but the more experienced guards stopped him, and scanned him. When they saw the gun they tried to tackle him, but Buster was too quick, and shot them. Buster had gotten away this time but he was aware that his luck would run out. TO BE CONTINUED ... Buster had also planned to kill Obama, but the world had their eyes on him now. Buster was at the white house in a helicopter with his owner who was also a professional

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