Butch Weldy's Story Of Injustice In Minerva Jones

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Minerva Jones's life and the people who are involved in her story of injustice are tragic. Minerva Jones seemed like she had been made fun of or, being judged from her appearance for being a fat, cross-eyed, and having a crippled walk. We know this about her when it says "Hooted at, jeered at by the Yahoos of the street. For my heavy body, cock-eye, and rolling walk." These metaphors seem present because in the beginning of the poem, it says that she was a poetess, which would suggest why the metaphors are present in the beginning of the poem. And sadly, it implies that she dies when everyone in her town looked down upon her when she was probably at the lowest point of her life.

Butch Weldy was mentioned on Minerva Jones' epitaph and doesn't seem like she had a friendly with Butch. The name Butch seems to be a nick name since it was in quotations on her epitaph. Butch had a industrial type of job when he had to deal with hot temperatures constantly. He was a hard working man which is probably how he acquired the nick name of Butch since the definition of it refers to a strong man. This man seems to be an average man working an average job, the definition of a small town man. Butch has passed away due to an accident where presumably a gas tank explodes, …show more content…

Roy had an altercation with his neighbors, the Handles as Roy Butler and Richard Bandle had a dispute over a fence arrangement. Also, both of their respective wives had a disagreement on whether one town was better than the other. The tragic end of Roy Butler was when he was killed by Richard Handle when Roy entered his home to discuss the fence. When Butler's wife went to court and talked about what happened, no one believes her. The lesson Roy learns is that he has been fixing the jury to be on his side and when he is part of the case, no one is on his

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