Butler And Robideau's Trial Analysis

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had to be pinned on Peltier. Additionally, in Butler and Robideau’s trial, the jury was able to see how the FBI evidence was fabricated but when it came to Peltier’s trial it was not seen and evidence was withheld as well as there being phony ballistics tests. Also, in Peltier’s trial, there is a masked man while in Butler and Robideau’s trial there is no masked man. This masked man shifts the blame on someone else but at the same time, Peltier is not going to tell who the murderer is so it is false and he is really the killer. The officers got their justice and did what they did to get the trial to go their way so killing someone was worth it and justified why they were on the Indian reservation in the first place. Moral boundaries are determined…show more content…
Henry Kissinger is a man who was many things such as being a celebrity, National Security Advisor, and a Secretary of the State and he was and is both loved and hated. Kissinger won a Nobel Peace Prize when in reality he should have won a war prize. It makes no sense making him some kind of superhero. The worldview of Kissinger is that there should not be controversy about this person. With the things that Kissinger did is how hegemony really gets created and started. The winner controls many if not all most of history and what is said. Kissinger had a mixture of power and strategy. He was brilliant but had the flaw of acting without public scrutiny. He was alienated growing up by the Holocaust and it had an effect on him. He had a personality defect by how he grew up but political power is what fueled the ability to do this. What Kissinger was trying to do and may have sacrificed human lives in the process is international diplomacy. Kissinger was giving and getting information from both sides and telling both sides that they were going to win. He believed that the best peace would be through force, a way to end it quickly. He had a plan for secret bombing of Cambodia. The bombers did not know who they were bombing. Rumors of operation began to reach the surface and be in the media so lots…show more content…
Invitation to Globalogy: An Alien Perspective takes on social problems and the authors are political deviants about it. This book suggests that a lot of problems are not a social reality that many people or they are not aware of these realities. It critiques most things that most people do not. The main topics outlined in this text such as consumerism, education, drugs, war, and neoliberalism are set up so people do not question ways of life. The consumerism chapter of this book shows that consuming is the lifestyle that seems logical to people for what someone has shows what their lifestyle is. Everything that is consumed eventually becomes trash. The growth of the human population is destroying our ecosystem. It is socially constructed in the sense that consumption is something that is taught rather than being born with the desire to consume products on a massive scale. Manipulation and hegemony are how we get into consumerism. Cooperation is the entity that promotes consumer consumption. Technology and what we see in movies and on television shows what we supposedly want in life. The symbolism and value of consumer products are what shows one’s status. People judge and are judged by the material items they possess. The sad reality is that people live their life working for desired commodities rather than enjoying it by enjoying their time more. The education chapter in
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