Butterflies And Unicorns Analysis

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Butterflies and Unicorns

Death. It 's something that we 've all got to come to terms with. Subconsciously, we know that everyone dies eventually but that doesn 't make the reality of it any easier to face. Many people I have loved have fallen victim to the Grim Reaper. For some, my Papa, for example, the news that they had passed away came from nowhere but for others, like my Granda, I watched them deteriorate over time. Regardless of how I 've come to cross paths with death, it 's never been easy.
The first time I remember losing someone: I was only four. My Great Uncle Edward meant the world to me, and although I was very young I have many fond memories of him. From eating porridge together in the mornings to helping my mum clean his house, not a day went by I wasn 't in his company. This made it so much more difficult to come to terms with his death. The cloud of grief did not pass quickly and, to this day, I can still remember being in floods of tears at the funeral. There I was, sitting on my mum 's knee, tears streaming down my face, feeling as though nobody else cared as much as I because I was the only one in hysterics. In retrospect, I can see that everyone in the
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I wouldn 't say I took my Great Uncle Albert for granted; I just didn 't treasure the little I got to see him. The few memories I have of him I 'll cherish forever and I realise now, just how special he made our time together. He was so full of life that I grew up believing he was a unicorn, well part unicorn anyway. I was oblivious to the fact that what he said was his "horn" was actually a tumour. Although deep down I knew he wasn 't a unicorn I chose not to accept it and to live in the secret world he had created for us both. I will forever be thankful for how he spared my feelings because I loved every moment that I spent with him, I just wish we could 've had more time together and although I now know just how precious time is I can 't help but mourn the time I 've already wasted
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