Butterfly Circus Analysis

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In the “Butterfly Circus” the audience receives the chance to see what true leadership and discipleship looks like. The Circus leader, Mendez, plays a huge role in displaying the qualities of a leader by how he sees the best in everyone and everything. Mendez reflects the Catholic faith by being Christ like in the way he carries himself, by the things he does, and the things he says. For example, Mendez says, “There is nothing inspiring about a man’s imperfections on display,” when Mendez says this he means that nothing good can come from people making a mockery over a person’s disability or shortcomings. Instead, Mendez seeks to foster the total personal and spiritual of each person that participates in the “Butterfly Circus.” What Mendez…show more content…
This circus that Mendez runs is one of inspiration. The circus was meant to be a beacon of hope to all and instill the belief into the audience that anything is possible just as the Church teaches that with God all things are possible. The participation in the Church is to show that living our faith and being that active participant, we can learn to inspire others by putting our gifts and abilities to work. One thing that sticks out with the three goals of youth ministry is the very first goal, which is “to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today” (RTV). It is very difficult to openly live as a disciple of Jesus Christ in our world today because of how many people will shame a person for it. To say one cannot make a sporting event because one must attend mass in Sunday would be met with countless insults. In fact, some people would shame a Catholic just for wearing a cross around his or her neck. Most people hide their religion because it is simply not cool to be a religious…show more content…
Mendez tells his followers that the greater the struggle the more glorious the triumph and Jesus, in the gospel of John, says to his disciples, “I have told you this so that through me you may have peace. In the world you'll have trouble, but be courageous—I've overcome the world!" (John 16:33). The connection with the ministry of Jesus to his disciples, Mendez to his followers, and youth ministry to the young church is a perfect straight line through each other. They all overlap each other because they all have the same three goals even though Mendez does it inadvertently, which are to empower (young) people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today, to draw (young) people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community, and to foster the total and spiritual growth of each (young)
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