Butterfly Inspired Photography: Case Study

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The political factors that Butterfly Inspired Photography might have to deal with in the future is needing to decide what type of business they want to conduct themselves as. The recommendation for a sole proprietor business is Limited liability Company (LLC). There are many reasons for this the main reason is to protect us from potentially losing everything personally if for some reason we got sued. Not that we’re expecting someone to sue us, but if it did happen, we won’t lose anything we owned. All that would be liable is the value of the actually incorporated in our business. An attorney was highly recommended for this. They would walk you through all the paperwork necessary for this type of business. It will cost you a little, but at least you’ll know you did it right. Butterfly Inspired…show more content…
Once you do that you will be required to collect sales taxes and turn them in every quarter, you can check with an accountant or your tax agent to see how much you should be collecting, and what items actually get charged sales tax. Now for the next thing we have to do is get a business license in North Carolina, we are required to have this and it is issued through any government agency. The license we will need is not specific to anyone it is a general business license and it will allow us to conduct our business without being shut down or fined for conducting an illegal business. The license cost starts at around $49. (1999- 2015, businessnameusa) Butterfly Inspired Photography will then possible have to get a privilege license for the county and the state because “If you operate any kind of business in Onslow County, you might be required to obtain a privilege license.”(2011, Onslow County) We are also required to have a state privilege license in North Carolina and we need to renew it every

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