Butters Stotch Character Analysis

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In South Park, almost everyone was a monster. Of course, they never had the intentions to hurt anybody, they were mostly normal. Well, aside from their animal ears, or devil horns, or even fairy wings! The teens of South Park were often quite proud of their forms, and their mates were often even prouder. Kenny Mccormick was a Dark Angel. Just like a Light Angel, except with black wings, a black halo, and he was always able to seduce whomever he wished. Kenny is still a player, wanting to mate with practically anything that breathes. Can he find true love? Butters Stotch was a Light Angel. His good personality seemed to rub off on everything around him. With a golden halo, and pure white wings, his pale milky skin seemed to glow. He’s as innocent as ever, but, what happens when his friends want to corrupt him? He…show more content…
He’s rude with a flame-fueled personality, and doesn’t care for anyone. Well, there are a few exceptions, but he’d rarely ever admit it. The son of Satan is a huge dork; he knows it, too. He just hates the fact. No one better mess with his perfect British cinnamon roll, or there will be Hell to pay (pun intended). Obviously, he’s dominant. Red Tucker; a dominant “zombie”, of sorts. Though she is indeed undead, and extremely terrifying at that, she has no real intentions of eating anyone’s brains or guts. Though, obviously, she wouldn’t mind using that as a threat to get someone off her back. However, living life as a creature that has been assigned an unfortunate stereotype, it can be hard for her to get by. She’s just happy to have her sweet girlfriend with her along for the ride. Annie Knitts is a submissive sprite. She excels at anything at all having to do with nature, or the outside world, and is most often seen with vines tangled up and around her arm, in her hair, and even around her body! She doesn’t mind, though. It’s quite interesting to see these kinds of things! And besides...Life balances out death pretty damn
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