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America, the land of the free and the home of the brave indeed. America is one of the top 5 most capitalist countries in the world, number two in fact. But what is American capitalism? Well, American capitalism is no different than capitalism anywhere else. It refers to the economic powerhouse that America has become. An entity not run by a government, but by the private corporations fueled by greed and even bravery in the form of risk. And unfortunately sometimes you just don’t know, how much they are willing to risk? “Button, Button” and The Box (The same story-line more/less) share these characteristics’ to the “T”. Let’s start with greed, from the second Mr. Steward proposed his fifty thousand dollar (“Button, Button”) offer to Norma she was intrigued. She knew that pressing the button would end an unknown person’s life, but with that money she could go to Europe and do all the things she wanted to do with Arthur. Even though Arthur was completely against it Norma pressed the button. Call it bravery or foolishness, to Norma the reward was deemed greater than the risk. Unfortunately, that day the risk cost her more than fifty thousand dollars, it cost her husband. This characterizes capitalism in many ways, but most of all it…show more content…
While that is accurate in both of these literary works, I do not believe it is appropriate to presume that all women are in fact like this. I personally believe people will make their own decisions based on their intelligence. A person with a meek mind may be deceived with ease. But a person with an astute mind will see the big picture and make the right decision. That being said, I believe that man nor woman are better than one another. But it falls to us as human beings on an individual level to make the ultimate decision, to choose between right and wrong. Because in the end it’s our own faults that will trade us

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