Buy Nothing Day Consumerism

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It is a part of human nature to desire materialistic items and even ideas. These are concepts that cannot be controlled. Due to human nature, consumption is a part of human behavior and it has led to the society that has formed today. Indeed, consumption of materials benefit the economy and aid people in having jobs. Through this, families are able to earn a higher income and are able to feed their families, showing that consumption can certainly be a positive concept. In 1992 in Canada, the first Buy Nothing Day was established, which is a day when people are encouraged not to purchase any goods. The purpose of this is to express an issue regarding excessive consumerism. More and more nations are following this trend. Although Buy Nothing Day is a way to raise awareness for disproportionate consumerism, it is definitely not realistic and it…show more content…
A few individuals may be inspired to conserve money, of course being a positive movement, but this will impair a nation’s gross domestic product. As mentioned previously, seventy percent of the economy depends on consumerism, so a slight decrease in sales will affect the economy. From personal experience, when the holidays are over, business slows down tremendously. People have spent too much money during the holidays, thus they try to save more after. They may save some money for a few weeks and distress producers, but eventually, they start consuming again. Consumption is inevitable. People also argue that by consuming less, stress is reduced. The issue with this is that as a producer’s stress level will dramatically increase, due to a lack of income. If producers are not able to produce goods for people, since they will have no money to do it (since people want to decrease spending), then people may lose high quality goods that are essential to living. There are effective and alternative forms to reduce stress: ones that do not involve economies
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