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The “Buy Nothing Day” like the internationally observed Earth Day is an attempt to raise awareness and reverse on of the growing issues in the World currently. Our society today is focused on over consumerism: the practice of purchasing goods/products extensively which has cultivated numerous threats to the planet and those who live on it. The effects on natural resources, the environment, and the consumers themselves due to over consumerism make the implementation of a “Buy Nothing Day” beneficial in order to increase awareness on the problem and begin to reverse it. Consumerism is what drives our world forward, but it is also something that can destroy it if we are not careful to raise awareness on the effects of consumerism. In order for…show more content…
To challenge the “Buy Nothing Day” people will question about what will happen to the businesses on the “Buy Nothing Day” who depend on consumers to make a margin of profit to sustain them. However, on this day one hundred percent of the population will not participate. The businesses that the counter to the “Buy Nothing Day” discuss will still have business from those who do not participate in the day. Also the goal of the “Buy Nothing Day” is not necessary to stop everyone from purchasing goods, but moreso concerned with making the effects of consumerism aware to the consumers of our society. Another argument that potentially made against the “Buy Nothing Day” is that what is going to stop people from buying in excess on the days leading up to or after the day itself to get what they think they need. Tough there is nothing that can be done really to keep people from stocking up before the “Buy Nothing Day” the idea to be conscious of what you buy will be in the minds of people as they approach the designated day. By the advertizing for the “Buy Nothing Day” weeks and months before will start people on the path to reducing their own consumption and not feel the need to indulge on their addiction prior to the

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