The Five Stages Of Consumer Behavior

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In the buyer decision process there are five stages that a consumer has to go through. Theses stages are need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, and post-purchase behaviour. At the evaluation stage, the consumer will have gathered enough information to determine if he /she is willing to buy this product or not. During the evaluation process, the consumer will decides if the benefits are worth their cost. Prior to purchasing, consumers examine, compare and evaluate the product. The consumers will even go online and utilize social media channels to ask other individuals about the product or service and in doing so will find online reviews and recommendations. To make the customer’s search and evaluation…show more content…
A factor that heavily influences this stage is the customers’ attitude. Involvement is another factor that influences the evaluation process. Example: if a customer’s attitude is positive and involvement is high, then they will evaluate a number of companies or brand, but if it is low only one company or brand will be evaluate. After obtaining information, the consumer will now be able to make evaluation of the different alternatives that offered to him, he will then evaluates the most suitable to his needs and choose the one he think provides the greatest…show more content…
Mr. Sue prefers to consume Grace Mackerel for the reputation that Grace Brand has over a Eve Mackerel which is more substantial but due to the fact that the product is not widely known. On the other hand, Mrs. Sue perception to Grace Mackerel is negative. The extent to which the consumers feels involve is determine by their perception on a product. The information collected by these consumers and their perceived perceptions of a brand to create to set of evaluation criteria, classification of different products, desirable features, products availability as also to evaluate the best suitable alternative to meet his satisfaction. The consumers will feel involved in the in the product as they are the driving force behind the “Evoked set and the inept set”. This Evoke set is however a group of particular brand or products with the possibility of being purchased by the consumers’ which had a good perception on the collected information of such

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