Bwm Case Analysis: BMW Films

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BWM Case Analysis Question 1: Was the BMW Films idea a good one? How successful has the campaign been? Answer: The launch of BMW Films was a very successful yet powerful move for the brand, with more than nine million views, BMW became a huge disruptor in the automobile industry. The strategy to market their latest models through five short films not only had an impact on potential consumers, but on film critics and competitors as well. The notable success of the campaign also led competitors to begin pushing their own film projects. The success of the campaign allowed BMW to tap into a larger consumer base and educate potential consumers on the capabilities, features, and uniqueness of their automobile models. With over 1.9M registered visitors of which 1.2M opted for email updates, the results of the strategy displayed a significant level of interest that the campaign generated. Question 2: What was the motivation behind the idea? Who was the target market for BMW Films campaign? Answer:…show more content…
They would execute this strategy by enhancing their existing marketing methods by investing more money into advertising and creating a message that was unique, bold and impactful. The motivation behind the idea was to be able to produce the most exciting, fun thing people had ever seen that would leave an impact for decades. The target market for BMW films campaign was geared towards upper to middle class professionals, who loved technology, with a median age of 31, well-educated and had an average income of
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