Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson: An Analysis

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You ever thought of how your actions affect others? Or even if you indirectly have caused someone an awful day that you could have prevented? Or instead of a wonderful day? Well, “Speak” is a novel written by Laurie Halse Anderson that talks about a 15-year-old teen’s life throughout high school. Her name is Melinda Sordino who had suffered a sexual assault from a senior at her high school, Merryweather High School, in a summer party before entering school. This novel describes her emotional journey through school and how her relationships with others as her family, friends, teachers, and even herself have changed or influenced her actions. The theme of Speak is one choice or action can affect others. Andy Evans sexually assaulting Melinda causes her to become severely depressed, Mr. Freeman’s supportive art class helps Melinda heal and find herself, and Melinda’s “friends” influenced her to speak up. Firstly, the cause of Melinda becoming severely depressed was Andy Evans sexually assaulting her. Throughout the film and book, “Speak” we could notice Melinda’s depression, emotional and physical change, and altered lifestyle since the rape. “Two muddy-circle eyes under black-dash…show more content…
Furthermore, Melinda criticizing her physical appearance is a sign of how she mainly criticized and changes her clothing or way of looking due to she had major physical damage of being raped making her don’t want to remember the “Melinda who was raped.” Also, this caused a huge emotional and physiological depression where she can’t stand alone; she needs to speak up. Lastly, the action of Melinda needing to put the mirror away just because she can’t bare herself is a sign of a deep depression because of the lack of confidence and battle between herself. This means Andy Evans sexually assaulting her was the reason for her depression at such a young
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