By The Waters Of Babylon Analysis

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The characters in the story By the Waters of Babylon are John and John’s father. John is the protagonist and the narrator of the story. John is the protagonist and main character of the story because he victoriously entered the Place of Gods. John arrived back to his village and provided them with information about the Place of Gods. Before john’s discovery of the Place of Gods, his village strongly believed the Place was sacred. John’s discovery cleared up all the assumptions. John is a developing character because in the beginning of the story he was referred to as the son of a priest that was always hesitant to a priest that resembles nothing but pure bravery. John’s father played a huge roll in John’s discovery. The Place of Gods is a forbidden place for everyone, including priests. Without the motivation and the permission of John’s father, John’s discovery may have never been possible. John’s father trust in his son is what led to the accomplishment. John’s father is a static character because he remained a priest in the end and didn’t develop because he was already a priest, unlike John. The theme of the story is curiosity and how it sometimes drives people to do the unthinkable. Sometimes all someone needs is a little motivation to push them to do what needs to be done. Everyone in John’s tribe was curious about what was in the Place of Gods but never had the motivation to actually seek what was behind the walls. John’s curiosity was greater than everyone else’s in

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