Byron Vs. Kenny Analysis

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Did you know “Being different isn’t a bad thing it means you’re brave enough to be yourself? Byron and Kenny have experienced different journeys in learning inside and outside. Unlike Kenny I believe that Byron changed the most inside and out when it came to being antagonistic, emotional and being a delinquent. Byron changed over the course of the story by becoming less antagonistic towards his family. In the beginning he goes above and beyond to torture Kenny. He is always tormenting Kenny or using physical force against him. Byron finds that gang life and causing trouble is tempting, As spending their time in Birmingham brings racial issues and A tragedy it causes Byron to be a good brother to Kenny and also made him noticed somethings. Although Kenny is more emotional than Byron in the story, Byron…show more content…
Before Byron was always in trouble from playing with the matches to getting a conk, but when the family is safe and sound back in flint he’s a new person. He knows Kenny is going thru a tough time and instead of picking and bothering him about it he is more nicer about it, he checks on Kenny in his hiding place aka The World-Famous Watson Pet Hospital. The bombing was like Byron’s third death wake up call, it had been the third death that came up and surprised him, it also made him noticed he almost lost something really important. After the incident Byron begins to think about how he treats people, and instead of protecting himself, he starts protecting the people he
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