Byron Watson Character Analysis

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Change happens to everyone and everything some way shape or form.The only part that really matters is whether or not this change is good or bad.On the weird Watsons trip to Birmingham two very different and unique characters take a really long road to change.From Flint, Michigan all the way to Birmingham, Alabama.It seems to be as if Byron has changed the most.Byron Watson has made many great desicions and turned his life completely around. To begin with, the road trip to Birmie has went from a mean, rude and highly disrespectful kid to a mature, kind young man. And I feel as if everyone were to realize what Byron did for the better then, the world then and now would be such a better place. Byron has been nice, and curtious and so polite and thoughtful.ngham was long and boring for the Watsons. It consisted of mommas plans going…show more content…
went off and then silence. Kenny’s dad came outside thinking it was a earthquake asking Kenny if he was okay. Come to find out the all black Baptist church was bombed and that is where Joey was at sunday school. Byron attempted to comfort his family especially his momma who was not doing too well mentioning the fact that her “baby girl” is most likely dead in her train of thought. After Kenny tried his hardest to save his little sister he once again saw the “wool pooh” who took away this little girl who was wearing the same shiny, black dress shoes as Joetta. Giving up all hopes he walks back to the house. Byron was yet, still comforting and protecting his family. So as you can now see, Byron has changed throughout this heart-warming, funny novel and became a totally different character. He has become a thoughtful and polite young man. And if everyone in this world then and now life would be so much of a better place to live
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