Bystander Law Pros And Cons

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A law that may protect people from near death experiences, decrease crime rates, but also puts people in danger when so-called “helping” the victim can go both ways. People often see the bystander law as a good or a bad thing, for starters, the bystander law can protect many people on the streets and make them feel safe if anything bad happens, on the other hand, it may also put people in the risk of danger when getting involved or assisting. A law that gets you fined when failed to assist or report a crime you witnessed, the bystander law can also leave you with a guilty feeling and a jail sentence. The bystander effect began when a woman named Kitty Genovese was murdered in front of her apartment complex and was a witnessed murder by many of the residents in those apartments. Not one called the police, but why? We all believe that when you hear someone in a crisis you tend to freeze, not react the way others would want you to. Yes, it might be easy to pick up the phone, call the authorities as an anonymous caller, but what if the criminal saw you pick up the phone? Your mind gets you paranoid into thinking things that aren’t real, which results in you not do anything to help the person that was attacked but only help themselves. Some say that the benefits of having the bystander law will protect many American citizens and its society. Although some benefits of the law are credible such as starting a chain reaction to get everyone else involved can also be

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