Bywater's Class Thesis

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How to Write a Successful Paper for Bywater’s Class Introduction To be successful in Bywater’s 1010 English class, you should be able to follow instructions given on the writing evaluation checklist. Here are the four most important ideas on the checklist. Does the title of your paper reflect your thesis statement, does your thesis introduce the body of your paper, and was your paper organized properly. And how to effectively proofread and revise your Original Paper. Does Your Thesis Introduce your Body of The Paper A thesis statement is key to helping the reader know the topics you will talk about in your paper. The thesis is a short sentence that describes the main points in the body of the paper. In my paper for my thesis statement on bullying I wrote, “To stop bullying in schools, the society must identify rules and criteria for the students, keep a watch for bullying in and out of the classroom and, create a culture of caring in the school. My headings reflect what I wrote throughout the rest of the paper. Does Your Title Reflect Your Thesis…show more content…
Make sure the title works with the overall theme and thesis of the paper. I have found it helpful when I start writing a paper for Bywater’s class to write the entire paper first and look through my main points. This helps me better define my thesis. Having a two-part title with a semicolon will help your paper. For example, my last paper was about bullying so my title was Bullying: Time to Take a Stand. This title introduces what I talk about in the body of my paper. Titles are very important and when you don’t have one, or you have a bad title it leaves the reader
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