C Rule Benefits

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The “C Rule”

The “C rule “ would be a huge academic benefit to Webb City High School. The “C rule” is a rule that says any student who participates in an extracurricular activity has to maintain at least a C average in each of their required classes. With the “C rule” being enforced it would motivate students to do better in school and to try harder. Students grades would rise and although some students would not be able to participate in their activities anymore it would still be beneficial for the students who actually care about school . Enforcing the “C rule” would cause students grades and grade point averages to rise. Students would try harder at their school work in an effort to be able to participate in their extracurricular activities.
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Some people at Webb City High School would be very angry to find out that they will no longer be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities due to their grades. The students who really want to play sports though would get into gear and get their grades up to prove that they deserve to play. What is a School without education? Pointless. Other people in the community believe that the “C rule” is not fair for the people who do not participate in any extracurricular activities because they will not be being punished. This is in fact not true. Juniors and Seniors with failing grades are forced to stay for study hall each day while there piers are going home. Study hall provides them with the extra time they need to get their work done in order to raise their grades. Juniors and Seniors must continue going to study hall until they have raised their grades . Enforcing the “C rule” could also cause more scholarships for Webb City Students. If students are getting good grades and raising their grade point average then colleges would be more willing to give out scholarships. This also brings up the point that some people get scholarships just for the sports they play. If the “C rule” was enforced that would mean that any student who was playing sports would have good grades which would benefit them greatly when they go to college on the athletic scholarships. Most people will not end up in a professional athletic career , that is why education is so
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