C. S. Lewis Arguments Against Euthanasia

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When it come to the topic of euthanasia, most of us will readily agree that it is a debatable topic. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of whether euthanasia should be given to end suffering. Weather some are convinced that there is better ways to go about pain such as hospice to provide them with more comfort, others maintain the idea that euthanasia should be given because people are free to choose how they want to die to end their suffering. My view is that euthanasia should not be legal because euthanasia is still a form of murder and ill people who are depressed tend to be capricious. People who are terminally ill should seek hospice instead of thinking of ending their life with euthanasia. They
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Derek Humphry, cofounder of Hemlock expresses, “individual freedom requires that all persons be allowed to control their own destiny, this is the ultimate civic liberty. If we cannot die by our choice, then we are not free people. The decision to die is increasingly viewed as a civil right” (Humphry 2). In the other hand, C.S Lewis argues, “even euthanasia which the dictionary defines as killing an individual for reasons considered to me merciful, comes from two Greek words meaning good death but no matter what they call it, euthanasia is still murder” (Lewis 2). My view is that C.S Lewis is right euthanasia is still murder no matter if you ask for it someone else is doing it for you which is not different than a…show more content…
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