The Theme Of Friendship In C. S. Lewis The Four Loves

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The Indispensable Love, Friendship In the book “The Four Loves” Lewis says that Friendship, is the least natural of all four loves explained. He backs this up by pointing out that we can live without friendship. He explains that the Greeks believed that forming friendships was an action that raised people to the level of angels or gods. I have asked myself many times ‘’How do I choose my friends? What makes them my friends?’’ I was happy when Lewis answered these questions for me. According to him, every friendship begins with any two people sharing something in common. ‘’It is born at the moment when one says to the other ‘’what! You too? I thought that no one but myself.’’ –C.S Lewis. Another thing that Lewis mentions regarding friendship is that it is the least jealous of all the loves mentioned in the book. I chose to write about friendship because I personally believe that even though it is not natural, it is one of the most powerful types of loves. As I was reading this book, I noticed that most loves come along with jealousy. An important characteristic of friendship is that it is the least jealous. A group of friends do not envy, but look up to their friends who have achievements that they…show more content…
A friend is always there to help without expecting anything in return. Having friends who share a common belief is important for each friend. This is because someone alone may be shy, but knowing that there is someone who also shares those beliefs, would help a person stand up for what he or she believes in. However, friendship is not completely about having friends, but also about not having them. Lewis says that exclusion is very common in a group of friends. Most people believe that we chose our friends, but Lewis explains that if we were born a few years before or after, or if we lived somewhere else, our friendships would have been
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