C. Wright Mills And Sociological Imaginational Issues

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1. Introduction
“Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both” is a common quote said by theorist C. Wright Mills. Per C. Wright Mills sociological imagination is important when studying people as people are highly effected by their surrounds, circumstances and history (Taylor, 2007). Therefore, people cannot be studied individually but rather as a society. The aim and objective of this essay is to examine how the sociological imaginational perspective views the problems of families, society and how they interweave. This will be explained through the following:
A. Definition of sociological imagination
B. Difference between social issue and a personal trouble
C. Example of a personal trouble
D. How a personal trouble is effected by a social issue

2. Definition of sociological imagination
Sociological imagination based on the thoughts of C. Wright Mills, needs a high element of critical thinking to understand the cross between ones current live and one’s history (Isaksen, n.d.). Social change is therefore dependent on knowledge and awareness of the varies relationships between an individual and a society. It allows one to be seen through social patterns which has influences on both the induvial and the society (Taylor, 2007). The space in which the relationship take place allows links to be comprehended by the viewer. These links help us view an individual in their own space, from an outside perspective.

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