C201 Unit 2 Written Assignment

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Project One For this assignment, I had to choose a scholarly or academic text from my own discipline and write an essay in which I analyze how well such text meets the needs of the rhetorical situation. I have picked a text written by Janet Brennan Croft, which is about characters and how they both evade and embrace faith. The scholarly article is called, Turin and Aragorn: Evading, and embracing fate, and I believe it does a great job at meeting the needs of the rhetorical situation. The audience of this Article is that of students and that of those who wish to understand Tolkien’s characters in more depth. This can be seen because Janet does not focus on the whole story revolving both characters, only their background. As the reader, Janet assumes that they already know the context of the characters surrounding both Turin and Aragorn. The only new information the…show more content…
The reader can see this because Janet not only lists the various names which both characters have adopted and decided to go by, but also because she explains their significance to said character. For example she points out that, Turin gave himself his own name as a way to escape his past, but he never really wanted to escape his past, for he kept on renaming himself. While Aragorn according to Janet, embraced all his names and always answered to them. The persona/voice of this text is that of informative, for you can sense that Janet know what she is talking about and has clearly read Tolkiens works and has thought critically about them. An example of this is how she points out similarities between both Turin and Aragorn. Also, she compares Turin to J.K.Rowling’s Voldemort, in the fact that they never forgot who they were. The message of this genre is that of how Tolkien uses names as symbolism of both characters and either their avoidance or acceptance of who they
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