Lite Air Fryer Exchange Model Analysis

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Brand development is a constant work in progress. Myriad factors influence the strength of a particular product or service & shape the exteriors of a brand. To understand the underlying functions of the brand, ’’lite air fryer’’ needs to lay the basic building blocks that constitute a backbone for air fryer; that is, the company must tap into behavioural attributes and loyalties of their customers, if they’re going to make a success out of their recent launch.
CBBE model depicts the process that informs the brand-building process. The model was conceived to add brand value to potential buyers. In words of Keller, it highlights ‘the differential effect that consumer’s brand knowledge has on their response to the marketing of that brand’. This
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Besides functional needs there are other kinds of needs. Social, psychological, emotional are some of the well known ones. Imagery is how buyers perceive the fryer. This involves associating group of attributes and emotions to the brand. If a buyer feels good about the product, and if he/she is able to associate favourable impression with it, it is highly likely that the brand will appeal to that particular consumer. This aspect broadly describes how people think about the fryer in general and abstract terms, bordering on intangible…show more content…
After connecting images, and values to brands, the consumer then will evaluate the fryer for its quality, superiority, and reliability. This process involves integrating brand performance & imagery together to make a consolidated view about the fryer. Different consumers may hold different views about fryer, but if the company wants to create a robust & reputed brand it needs to evaluate the brand on the altar of reliability, credibility, consideration & superiority.
5. Brand feelings:
It is possible to elicit emotional reactions with respect to brand. A good brand is often successful doing it, and lite air fryer if it wants to reign supreme in the marketplace must be able to do the same. It is believed that emotions are reactions to efforts initiated by marketing. If those are intense feelings or dull feelings is up to the marketers’ pitch & nature of the pitch. But it is true that if messaging is done correctly, it may arouse feelings so strong that they may continue to overpower buyers even during product’s use.
6. Brand

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