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According to Bowen and McDonough (2011), action plan are lists and tasks that must be carried out in order to reach specific goals. In developing a career plan for the executive manager we need to decide on practical steps based on action plan to develop their own career development plan. In this case, employee need to improve their self-based on knowledge; skills and ability before the management decide to assign in the right position for them move to the next stage of their career development. As employee, they have right to know how the management develop their career in an organization so that they can measure their strength and weakness to challenge their self in working hard for the highest position that they can achieve in the organization.…show more content…
Create the career advancement plan for the employees In order to ensure the career development system went smoothly we need the effective action plan by creating the career advancement plan which is as a guideline for the employees to achieve and attain their career in CCK Fresh Mart for the future. This will create opportunities to employees to build up their own career in the organization. This also will motivate them and enhance their performance in doing a job. The guideline also help to inform the management of CCK Fresh mart about on how the career system will be implemented and make sure that the designing of the career system for their employees will attract the top management to invest in term of energy, money and support. Table 1 show the career advancement plan for CCK Fresh Mart. This shows the stages of opportunity for employees from the lower position to develop their own career plan in future so that they can achieve the highest position in the organization. Table 1: Career advancement plan for CCK Fresh Mart iv. Create Development…show more content…
According to the (Leibowitz, Farren & Kaye, 1986) advisory group are forms with the different of perspective, who can state critical career problems in critically and creative ways. Thus, cooperation with the advisory group is important to recognize the problems and assessing needs in the present system in the organization to implement the career system for the employees. Design and select professional development activities that can support them to achieve their goals in their individual’s career development. Table 4 shows the activities and number staff that involve in planning a career development system. Other than that, they can conduct other activities such as e-learning and classroom training where can help them to be updated about technology instead of be able to use Microsoft, filing document and have a wide connection networking with other through media social. Not only that, the employee also can request for other task that can challenge their expertise in a particular area so that they can manage their work wisely. Thus, these can courage the employee to be more motivated and able in dealing with supplier and

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