Reflection On Being An Intern At Heartland

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In the beginning of the semester I set out four objectives that I was on a quest to achieving and conquering by the end of this spring semester. I could have set simple objectives that I would have achieved within the first two weeks of being an intern, but I really wanted to push myself a bit harder. My whole reasoning behind accepting the internship at Heartland Living and Rehabilitation facility was to get clinical hours with the patients that come in for short and long-term care. I did not know that being an Intern at Heartland would challenge me in ways I would have never imagined. The learning objective I will be discussing is “I intend to learn how to complete CCM MDS assessments.” CCM MDS assessments is an assessment used in health…show more content…
While I was being trained, I closely observed how the social worker interacted with the residents before she began assessing them. I also took notes of what I was told to do while I was in training as well as when I saw it being done in person. Before I started assessing the patients by myself, I would come home and practice asking the questions to my roommate everyday a couple of weeks. With the help of close observation and detailed notes I was able to properly practice on my roommate, which led me to feel comfortable with assessing the patients by…show more content…
I learned that practice makes execution. All the practicing I did with my roommate behind scenes allowed me to be able to assess patients properly. Practicing allowed me to stop stumbling over words, to speak slower, to listen closely to the responses, and most importantly learn how to add sensitivity to the voice when asking the questions in section two. Lastly, I learned that because I am able to complete CCM MDS assessments on the geriatric population in the facility, I am happy to say that I have more patience than I could have ever
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